C240 Dual EFIE Fuel Controller


  HHO EFIE Adjuster  

FC240 EFIE stands for Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer. This device has been developed to modify the Oxygen (O2) sensors signal in fuel injected vehicles. EFIEs are the best solution for obtaining improved fuel efficiency in computer controlled vehicles with oxygen sensors. This includes virtually all cars and trucks today.

The EFIE fuel controller is not intended to be a fuel saver by itself. You must install a hydrogen gas generator, or other device that gets more power out of the same fuel by increasing the efficiency of the burn. If all you did was add an EFIE to your vehicle, with no other fuel efficiency system, you may lose efficiency. You may even damage your vehicle, by over-leaning the fuel/air ratio, and overheating the valves. The EFIE was designed to make a vehicle run according to spec after a hydrogen cell has been installed.

When using an EFIE fuel controller with a hydrogen cell, performance increase and smoother idol are immediate. Without using an EFIE, as hydrogen flows, the oxygen sensor reports a change in the exhaust gas mixture to the computer. In result, the computer reads a high level of oxygen and sends extra fuel. This state usually turns on your check engine light, sets fault codes and puts the computer in a state called open loop. In open loop the computer stops modifying the fuel ratios and reverts to a safe mode, which sends extra fuel. This can reduce the mileage benefits dramatically. The EFIE will modify the computer signal back to closed loop.

The oxygen sensor tells the computer oxygen readings by providing a voltage between 0 and 1 volt. In order to adjust this data, the EFIE adds a small voltage to the signal delivered by the oxygen sensor. This added voltage compensates for the variation caused by hydrogen. This EFIE fuel controller is pre adjusted to our hydrogen cells. Adjustments to the trim screw can change the EFIE's voltage correction by hundreds of a millivolt. The EFIE fuel controller installs inline between the oxygen sensor and the computer.

A single EFIE will be required for each pre catalytic converter sensor. We offer single EFIE fuel controllers for vehicles with one pre cat O2 sensor and dual boards EFIEs for vehicles with two pre cat O2 sensors. Some vehicles have more than two pre cat sensors; in these cases more than one EFIE will be necessary.

You may need a diagram determine how many pre catalytic converter oxygen sensors you have, which will be helpful for installation also. If do not know how many pre catalytic converter oxygen sensors you have, talk to a mechanic or a local dealership.

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