GFX1 13 Plate Hydrogen Fuel Cell System


  GFX1 13 Plate Hydrogen Fuel cell System  
HHO Hydrogen On Demand System for 4 Cylinder Engines

13 plate
30 amp max
2 liter per minute
1 to 3 liter engines

Hi-Grade Stainless Steel Construction

Professionally Made

Reduces Fuel Consumption

Reduces Emissions by as much as 90%

Safe Operation

Easy Installation

With the ever increasing costs of fossil fuels and planned shortages by the international oil producers, The Hydro GFx1 fuel cell  is an essential fuel assistant for the internal combustion engine application in the Automotive Fuel Arena. If you are looking to save from 20 - 40+% on your fuel costs and get back that new car performance and if you want to extend the oil change and tune up time service period and ultimately lower your exhaust emissions to exceptional levels, then a Hydro GFx1 on demand hydrogen fuel system is easy to install and pays for its self in a matter of a few months.

Reactor is only 5 1/4” wide x 7 1/4” tall x 2" thick.
Produces enough HHO to enhance up to 3.0 liter engine.

This new unit uses a simple mix 10 teaspoon KOH in 2 liters of distilled water.

The cell is made up of 16 specialty designed and spaced
plates of stainless steel and high temp HDPE wall.

The unit comes in a complete add on kit!
Takes about 2 Hour to install

Will Work On fuel injected, carbureted or Diesel up to 3.0 liter engines. Average Mileage gains will be between 20 to 40% and a noticeable increase in power!

What is happening is you are introducing Hydrogen and Oxygen in to the air stream of your vehicle. The Hydrogen and Oxygen not only is adding supplement fuel to your engine, making it a HYBRID, but the extra oxygen is helping your normal fuel burn more complete raising power, better mileage and lower emissions.

You can see savings of double the cost or more in first year of use!

So add a hydroxy HHO generator to your vehicle and see and feel the difference!

Not guaranteed to fit your vehicle. Please measure for size under your hood before buying.

Custom sizes are available. Simply tell us the size and space you have and a unit will be built to fit your vehicle.


If your vehicle is fuel injected and you install a hydrogen generator, your mileage will decrease unless you install some type of fuel leaning device. THIS IS TRUE FOR ALL HYDROGEN GENERATORS (except when installed in a carbureted or diesel vehicle) that is why we have included our Map enhancer and the Volo chip is an option to this kit. The reason fuel mileage will decrease as stated above, is because the oxygen sensor will detect a larger amount of oxygen in the exhaust and think the engine is running lean. Because of this, the oxygen sensor will tell the engine's computer to increase the fuel going to the engine. The map enhancer and Volo chip is used to lean your engines fuel so your vehicle will receive the full benefits of the GFx1

  • 4x6 inch plate
    13.6 inches of active surface area per plate
    30 amp max
    2+ liter per minute
    6.1 MMW
  • 1. Main Hydrogen Dry Cell unit
    2. 2 quart reservoir
    3. 5 prong 30/40 amp relay
    4. 30 amp circuit breaker
    5. 3 feet # 10 awg copper wire (for negative (black))
    6. 7 feet # 10 awg copper wire ( for positive (red))
    7. 3/8" Flash back killer
    8. Lighted Dash switch
    9. 12 ft. 3/8" high temp hose
    10. All needed electrical connectors
    11. Dual Map sensor enhancer (pre-wired with 8')

Installation Required?