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PWM 50A Deluxe

   This PWM is a fully digital version of the current limiting design.
   The circuit board is installed in a ventilated box complete with cooling fan. Inside the board also has heat sinks attached to the critical electronics to keep them cool and reliable.
   The remote LCD controller display comes next. It connects to the PWM via a Cat-5 computer cable. This allows you to mount the display in a convenient location and make adjustments easily.
   The display shows amperage, duty cycle, voltage and the RPMs of the cooling fan. Built into the display is a seven menu control interface. These menus allow you to set the desired current draw, and also to turn on advanced features like voltage sensing menu that turns the unit on and off automatically with the engine.
    Voltage sensing systems are very advanced but simple. Just connect the power wire to any positive connection. With the engine running, the alternator produces 14 volts through the charging system and the unit will turn on. As soon as the engine stops or the voltage drops down to 12 volts, the system shuts down and waits for you.
    And if that's not enough, this unit may also be modified to indicate a low water level in your tank. You will need to install a float sensor to utilize it, but it's there when you are ready.
PWM 40A - Current Limiting Design

    This box gives enthusiasts good results and a fair price. The unit is constructed with a plastic box to help keeps costs down, but it offers an externally adjustable knob.
    This allows for on the fly adjustments, and we safely recommend it for continuous outputs of 40 amps.
5 Litres of Distilled water with KOH (Electrolyte) Premixed £25


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