MAX 1200 Complete System


  MAX 1200 Hydrogen Fuel Cell  

New! Multi cell -Dry cell *Complete KIT*

14-plate multi cell design Max Series 1200 kit recommended at 15 - 30 amps for all 4-6 cyl. combustion engines
Our manufacturer only produces high quality products which are engineered to work We do not sell products that are test experiments or are on going projects (that still have bugs)

The Dry cell Hydroxy Output 20-40% more efficient than typical standard 1.12 lpm at 15 amps The multi cell design, allowing better flow enhancing hho production 1.44 lpm at 20 amps Made out of 316L stainless steel plates 1.91 lpm at 25 amps Dual 7 plate design, a total of 14 plates configured -NN+NN- 5.25 MMW - 11.2 volts - 17 amps - 30 sec - 500 ml - 115 F Using bolt power leads 1/4" to ensure durability and even current flow Using 3/8 barb fittings (input and output) 100% stainless steel hardware

Cell Dimensions H: 3" W: 6.5" D: 5" (including hardware)

Kit Includes MAX1200 plus+

Reservoir/Bubbler CCC (copper cooling coil) Braided Tubing Wiring harness Connectors H-7.5” W- 8.6” D- 4.1” 100% copper tubing, coated with a- x3 4 foot pieces Heavy duty 40 amp relay easy to use crimps to 3 quart high density polyethylene material protective layer to prevent corrosion total of 12 feet 30 amp fuse holder with fuse install the ACC wire to 2 ½” threaded screw on cap Keeps generator, at steady temperatures braided material for 4’ 12 gauge heavy duty copper wires the cars ignition 1 5/8” Fill neck Includes 2’ of 3/8 I.D. braided tubing- extra strength ¼” round terminals High strength 3/8 barb elbow fittings on each end, total of 4 feet. 3/8 I.D. This harness is fully assembled and labeled 100% leak tested for easy installation

This is ready to install, includes everything you see on the pictures fully assembled with an installation manual

Some knowledge about the auto electrical system is required for this installation

you will need to add water and ELECTROLYTE (potassium hydroxide included) *Use extra care when handling corrosive substances

Cautions : Hydrogen is highly explosive. Use extra care during cell operation. Keep away from open flame. Do not touch or be near the hydrogen cell when in operation.

Disclaimer : You must be age 21 and over to handle hydrogen devices. When purchasing this device, you are held responsible for any damage that may accure during installation or operation of this unit. MPG Systems is not held liable and holds no responsibility for ant personal harm or property damage.

Installation required?