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2002 BMW X5 4.4i V8 17MPG - 23 MPG 2001 318I BMW 31 MPG - 43 MPG 1999 Ford Ka 42 MPG - 65 MPG 2004 Golf 1.6TDI 43 MPG - 61 MPG 2004 Transit 2.5D 34 MPG - 44 MPG 1998 CB Camper 2.5 22 MPG - 31 MPG 1993 Citr. AX 1.4 52 MPG - 71 MPG

New Products
We have taken on a new range of products by RELIANT that are all approved by THE INTERNATIONAL HHO INSTITUTE

New Fuel Catalysts by Cal-Cat fuel heating systems.

USA & International Patented Fuel Magnets that really work! FUELMiser is being tested right in the UK right now. Look out for our results.

VOLO FS2 HHO Edition Performance EFIE chip - ultimate fuel adjuster to work with Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems.

Fuel Prices are due to rise again in May by another 5%

MPG Systems are looking for another mobile mechanic to join the workforce in our ever growing business.

Tip of the Week
Only used the finest quality distilled water with Potassium Hydroxide, rather than mineral water with baking soda. The HHO production will be much greater and run at a cooler temperature without leaving residue in your system.

Special Offers
MPG Systems offer a free of charge, pre system installation inspection at your home or work.

Check out our Special offer page for great deals.