Terms & Conditions

Consumer Protection

Under the Distant Selling Regulations (DSR) you the consumer, by buying from our website, have 7 days to cancel your order. Therefore your order will not be despatched for 7 days after payment received. You have the option to waive this cancellation period by telling us by phone or email. We may email you to confirm your order and ask if you wish to waive the cancellation period and have the goods despatched without delay.  NOTE by placing an order and receiving goods from us, you agree to not request 'in any form' a refund or part refund. You will have no entitlement to a refund. The warranty outlined below is for your protection to repairs or replacements.

We provide a quality product that has performed extremely well on the cars we have fitted it to. We are confident that it will produce very satisfactory fuel savings if all instructions are followed very carefully. We outline below our disclaimer's since we do not give an open-ended guarantee or open-ended promises. If there are running problems with the vehicle this device will not fix them, the vehicle needs to be in proper working order and serviced as directed by the vehicle manufacturer.

    We make no promise of definitive fuel economy savings, we only state what we have achieved on vehicles we have tested and run plus the reported customer user actual before and after figures.
PLEASE NOTE THIS DISCLAIMER: By ordering and purchasing and installing any of these items you are agreeing to assume full responsibility and liability for any and/or all damage or injury caused by improper installation and misuse of this item and agree to release the company the seller from any and all liability whatsoever and agree to hold the seller harmless from any and all claims.

    We have not tested on and therefore do not recommend fitting to a two stroke engine.

    From our research we have found no indication of damage to engines by using this device however we do not guarantee that no damage will occur to any part of a vehicle or engine that it is fitted to and therefore are not covered by our product warranty and no claim or part claim will be considered. In addition no claim will be considered in the event of the device failing due to a fault in its manufacture.

    We do not warranty any other part of the vehicle our device is fitted to, whether it be wiring or mechanical or any part of the body or whole.

    MPG Systems and its Directors or any of its employees or sub contractors are not liable for any costs in addition to the replacement or repair of faulty parts of our hydrogen Generator due to manufacture defect and are limited to the price paid for the Hydrogen Generator.

    MPG Systems is selling this Hydrogen Generator in good faith and expects that each customer has the device fitted correctly adhering to the instructions and will seek additional professional help if they do not understand the instructions and that they will use the device in a proper and sensible manner to which it was intended.



We have made the effort so you can enjoy the gains from using your Hydrogen Generator which should operate without fault if the instructions to install and operate it are followed.
We therefore offer a warranty for a 12 months from dispatch date or 15000 miles, whichever occurs first, as an indication that we will replace the Hydrogen Generator or repair it during that time under warranty for defect in manufacture but not caused by misuse or damage from incorrect installation or maintenance or used for any other purposes other than that which it is intended.
The final decision if a claim is valid under the terms of our warranty, is by MPG Systems and no third party, once returned for inspection to our office. The postage is not covered by warranty, it can be delivered/collected by customer/distributor/retailer.
Where there is no warranty claim applicable replacement parts may be ordered which will be sent after payment received for the parts and postage.
Warranty does not cover any servicing or cleaning of internal metal plates which may be required from time to time depending on mileage. We expect only once per year or every 15,000 miles as a guide.
Due to manufacture processes and quality control some parts are not available individually, only as a sub unit. We can offer individual rebuild services if required in the event of damages or breakages, the unit will need to be returned to our office and workshop by registered post for signature on receipt. 
Warranty only covers the Hydrogen Generator and the plastic ‘Bubbler’ unit, relay, switch, ammeter. Other consumables supplied or any other items used by the installer are not covered.

Payment Terms

The Total cost includes the Hydrogen Hybrid kit, Installation and testing.
50% deposit is required and the balance immediately on completion of the installation and testing.
We will issue you with a receipt of payment.
The installation will take place between 7-14 working days from the time the order is placed.
Payment can be made by either cash or cheque; however we will need to clear the cheque before we order your hydrogen kit from the US.
Alternatively you may place your order online at www.mpgsystems.co.uk to make credit card or PayPal payments.

If you are satisfied with your quotation and would like to place your order, an engineer will assess your vehicle and confirm your details for your order.  Once the 50% deposit is received, we will place your order with our partners in the US for your Hydrogen Hybrid conversion kit and confirm an installation date within 7 days from your order.
Once the installation engineer has arrived, he/she will take around 4 hours to complete.  You will then be given a full demonstration and instructions of operation and maintenance.
Our engineer will require the balance to be paid before he/she leaves and will then produce your invoice/receipt and certificate of installation.




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