Because it's not permanent, is not considered to be a modification (it is no different to putting high octane fuel in your tank).  For this reason it should not affect your insurance premium.

All insurance companies require you to inform them of any changes/modifications made to your vehicle, and when doing so, we advise you to indicate that this is not a "nitrous kit".  In addition, we have had feedback from some of our customers who say that their insurance companies are happy with our system and that this enhancement has been added to their insurance policy at very little extra charge if at all!  These companies include the following:-

AIG Direct Insurance
Alliance Insurance
A-Plan Insurance
Arista Insurance Ltd
AXA Insurance
Ecclesiastical Insurance Office Plc
Endsleigh Insurance 
Liverpool & Victoria
QBE Insurance Limited Europe
RAC Direct 
Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Plc

Please see the following quote provided by Aviva (Aug 09):-
"I’ve consulted our technical underwriters on this matter who have advised they have no problems with this equipment being professionally fitted to vehicles insured by Aviva.
However as a modification to standard vehicle specification, it must be declared to the company and failure to do so could invalidate the policy."
(Our customers have reported that they have received very competitive quotes from Aviva who are happy with our system.)

When contacting your insurance company, please ask to speak to a Technical Underwriter who may understand the concept better than a general sales person.

Here are some facts which will help you to explain the system to a Technical Underwriter.

  • This system is designed to improve the efficiency of the engine to reduce emissions to  near zero and improve the mpg.
  • It is not designed as a performance/race device.
  • It is approved and safe with product liability insurance underwritten by Lloyds of London.
  • The bottom-end Torque will increase to allow a smoother drive with reduced need to change gears, resulting in increased mpg with less revs.
  • It is not nitrous oxide.
  • It is an on-demand Hydrogen system, which stores no gas on the vehicle.
  • It makes Hydrogen-on-demand and burns when the engine is switched on. When switched off there is no gas is made or stored.
  • The original manufacturers spec, EFI and ECU is not modified or changed in any way.
  • It is an enhancement system, to improve combustion, which in turn improves fuel efficiency.

Manufacturers' Warranties

Our System is an after-market device which in no way interferes with OEM specs. In short, we do not alter engine management controls; we do not permanently alter any original settings or change anything. The system is just two wires and a hose which feeds into the air stream. The system passes all safety standards and is not considered to be a risk and therefore, should not affect manufacturers’ warranty arrangements. In fact, many of our customers have checked with their individual manufacturers and so far have not come across any issues with our system.